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Sep 1, 2017

(Video from a phone from a person in the congregation).

What is the Assumption, and why is it important for us?  Why don't we go directly to Jesus Christ? Why do we talk about Mary and the saints so much?  The saints are our friends in heaven, and just as we would ask friends and family members here on earth to pray for us, it makes sense that we would ask our friends in heaven to take our prayers to Jesus.  Besides, as Mary herself said, "My soul magnifies the Lord!"  So everything we give to Mary is magnified on it's way to her son.

Aug 7, 2017

Today's Gospel gives us the account of Jesus' Transfiguration.  This mystery is important to us for so many reasons - most especially because it reminds us that Jesus is more than just a good (or even perfect) human being; he is the Son of God.  As such, he has the authority and power to redeem us and open for us the way to Heaven.  In addition, the vision of Jesus' divinity serves to remind us of our future glory: where he has gone, we hope to follow!

Jul 31, 2017

In the Gospel for today Jesus speaks about the Kingdom of Heaven, and that we should desire it more than anything (or anyone) on earth.  It is the 'pearl of great price', the 'treasure buried in the field', in the words of Jesus.  What is the Kingdom of Heaven and how can we obtain it?  It is the realm of Jesus Christ, and we obtain it by accepting God's invitation to be faithful members of that realm.  It is the Lord Jesus who calls us:  "Come.  Follow me."

Jul 16, 2017

Today's Gospel gives us the parable of the Sower and the Seed.  Clearly, Jesus intends to teach us that we must be like the rich soil that welcomes and receives the seeds of God's Word, so that it may grow in us and produce an abundant harvest.  Jesus also has a few other 'hidden seeds' in this parable, teaching us about how successful God's harvest will be, as well as how we can imitate God who loves and forgives without measure.

Jul 10, 2017

Today in the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus gives us a beautiful invitation:  "Come to me, all who labor and are weary, and I will give you rest."  God constantly invites us to rest in the Sacred Heart of His Son.  It is there that we find peace, compassion, mercy, and love.

Jul 2, 2017

En el evangelio, Jesús nos enseña la importancia de poner en el primer lugar nuestra relación con Dios.  ¿Cómo pasamos las horas del día?  Muy probablemente, pasamos más tiempo mirando a nuestro teléfono o televisión que en oración con Dios.  Todos de nosotros, no impora nuestra vocación o estado de vida, podemos pasar más tiempo cada día en oración con Dios, y en prestar atención a nuestros familiares y nuestro próximo.

Jul 2, 2017

In the Gospel today Jesus challenges us to make sure that we are not putting anyone or anything before our relationship with God.  We are to love God with our whole mind, our whole heart, and our whole being.  A good exercise for us would be to look at where we spend our time, our money, our thoughts and our energy every day.  Do we focus on the things of this world more than those of God and our neighbor?  No matter what we do, all of us can safely say that we could be spending more time every day in prayer and attending to the needs of our brothers and sisters.

Jun 25, 2017

Jesus returns to two of his favorite "themes" in the Gospel today: "Be not afraid", and "God loves you".  These are two messages that we hear over and over again in the Gospels and in the teaching of the Church.  This is to be the theme of our preaching as well.  After accepting and embracing the all-encompassing love that God has for us, we must set out boldly and share this love with the whole world.

Jun 19, 2017

Today's Feast of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ is yet another reminder that our God wants to share His life with us.  In the Eucharist -- the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ -- we have the fullness of Christ's Presence and communion.  We are thus brought into communion with our heavenly Father.  Even if we don't understand this awesome mystery completely, may we receive Christ's Presence with joy, and may we share that presence with all we meet.

Jun 15, 2017

In celebrating God who is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, we find that we learn something about ourselves at the same time.  God has revealed Himself to us because He loves us, and He wishes to include us in the Divine Life through the Holy Spirit and the Church.  We cannot just adore God who is "up there" or "out there"; we must show our love for the God whom we cannot see by loving those around us whom we can see.

Jun 4, 2017

Jesus imparts the Holy Spirit to his apostles with his breathe and a word of peace.  This enables them -- and us -- to act and love and forgive in the name of Jesus himself.  When he blesses the Sacred Chrism during the Chrism Mass, the diocesan bishop breathes on the oil and thus imitates Jesus' action in today's Gospel.  When we are anointed with this oil in baptism, confirmation and ordination, we receive the breath of God and are thus sent to proclaim the Good News.

May 28, 2017

The Ascension of our Lord is a celebration of Easter.  In his death, resurrection, and ascension, Jesus brought salvation to the world.  Even though we cannot separate these aspects of our redemption, it is helpful to isolate the Ascension for a moment to focus on what it means for us.  In the Ascension, Jesus Christ takes our glorified nature into heaven.  That means that a "part" of us already lives with the Father in heaven!  What an amazing mystery.  As St. Augustine wrote, "God became human so that humanity may become like God."  Whereas in the Incarnation of Jesus, God took our flesh upon Himself, in the Ascension, God takes our flesh (with His divinity) into the realm of heaven.  Alleluia!

May 22, 2017

If we knew that Jesus would be present physically at a certain location and at a certain time, we would do everything we could to go to that place to meet him.  But we DO have Jesus with us -- at every Mass!  Jesus comes to us in a very real way in Word and Sacrament every time we celebrate the Eucharist.  Today in the Gospel of John, Jesus gives us more good news:  He will send us the Holy Spirit, another Advocate, to help us to know, love, and serve God.  Alleluia!

May 14, 2017

En el capítulo 14 del evangelio de San Juan, Jesús nos dice, "En la casa de mi Padre hay muchas habitaciones, ... yo voy a preparar un sitio para Usteds, y volveré y los llevaré conmigo, para que donde yo esté, estén tambien Ustedes."  La imagen es muy hermosa, y esperamos un día vivir en la casa de nuestro Padre para la eternidad.  Pero Jesús quiere vivir con nosotros ahora tambien.  Él está con nosotros por su Espiritu Santo, por la iglesia, y por los sacramentos.  Para Dios es posible estar en muchos lugares al mismo tiempo.  Jesús está sentado a la derecha del Padre, pero está con nosotros intimamente tambien.

May 14, 2017

Today's Gospel (John 14) gives us a memorable and much-beloved example from Jesus.  He tells us that there are many rooms in our Father's house, and that he is going to prepare a place for us, and then he will come back to take us with him.  Of course, this makes us think about heaven and the glory that awaits us after our life on earth.  But it also speaks to us about God's very presence with us here at this moment; at every moment.  Jesus has gone to heaven not to abandon us; he is in fact closer to us now than our very breath.  As Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI writes, "This is our faith and our joy."

May 8, 2017

Today we read from the 10th chapter of the Gospel of John, in which Jesus gives us his teaching on the Good Shepherd.  It is a beloved image for us -- one that speaks of the security, love, and tender care that God shows us in His son.  However, the dominant image in this first part of the chapter focuses on Jesus as the gate for the sheep.  In order for us to have life in abundance, we must go in and out of the gate to find pasture.  How do we do this?  Through the sacraments that He has given us.

May 1, 2017

Hoy oimos la hermosa historia del encuentro de Jesús y los discípulos en el camino a Emaús.  Los discípulos reconocieron a Jesús solamente cuando él les explicó las escrituras y más tarde partió el pan.  Tenemos la misma cosa en cada misa: Nuestro Señor viene a nosotros y comparte su Presencia con nosotros en cada misa.

May 1, 2017

Today's Gospel is a gem for us (Catholic) Christians, in that we hear the story of the disciples and Jesus on the road to Emmaus.  Jesus reveals himself to the disciples by breaking open the Word to them, and then a little later he breaks the bread and gives them his Body and Blood in the Eucharist.  This is exactly what we do at every Mass.  May we recognize the Real Presence of Christ -- Word and Sacrament -- when we gather for the Eucharist together.

Apr 24, 2017

Hoy leemos otra historia de la resurrección, esta vez a los discípulos -- primero sin Tomás, y luego con Tomás presente.  Sí, Santo Tomás tuvo dudas de la resurreción de Jesús, pero todos tenemos dudas de vez en cuando.  De veras, Tomás hace una profesión de fe muy fuerte: "Señor mío, Dios mío."  Ojalá que nosotros confesemos lo mismo.

Apr 24, 2017

On this Second Sunday of Easter (also called "Divine Mercy Sunday") we hear the wonderful story of Jesus' appearance to his disciples -- first without Thomas and then with Thomas present. Thomas, far from being just one who doubts, makes a bold profession of faith: "My Lord and My God!"  We must come to the same faith and make the same profession, so that as St. John says, "We may have life in His Name."

Apr 17, 2017

The Lord is risen! Today we celebrate the greatest mystery of our Christian Faith: Jesus Christ was raised from the dead and lives in glory.  But what is our proof of the resurrection?  Mary Magdalene reports that she saw only an empty tomb.  Yet that was enough for her -- and for the disciples -- to be convinced of the resurrection.  Today there are many 'proofs' of the resurrection, from the millions and millions of followers of Jesus who live the Gospel every day to the martyrs and saints among us to the number of Christians being added to the Church every day.  We, too, are 'proof' of the resurrection.  May we take the Good News to all parts of the world.  Christ is Risen.  Alleluia!

Apr 16, 2017

¡Cristo resucitó!  Hoy celebramos con todo el mundo la resurrección de Jesús.  Pero, ¿dónde es la prueba de la resurrección?  Maria Magdalena encontró un sepulcro vacío.  No hubo prueba física en el primer momento de la resurrección para los discípulos.  No obstante, ellos creyeron y predicaron la Buena Nueva por todos partes.  La iglesia sigue predicando la resurrección de Jesús hoy.  Jesús vive -- dentro de nosotros por su Espíritu Santo, y en la iglesia y sus sacramentos.  Cristo resucitó!  Aleluya!

Apr 14, 2017

We are called to be participants in Jesus' life, death and resurrection; not just observers.  How do we do that?  Through the liturgy we celebrate and through the sacraments of the Church.  We have died to ourselves in baptism and have risen with him to a new way of life.  Let us live like Christ and die like Christ, so that we may be raised with Christ in the Kingdom of God.

Somos participantes en la vida, la pasión, la muerte y la resurrección de Jesús.  Tenemos una conexión con Él por la liturgia y los sacramentos de nuestra fe.  Hay que seguir a Jesús e imitarlo en el mundo hoy.  Entonces, viviremos con Él el su reino.

Apr 10, 2017

(Una homilia corta, porque oímos la historia de la pasión de Cristo según San Mateo).  Esta gran historia de la pasión de Cristo es muy hermosa e importante, y nos muestra cómo Jesús murió en la cruz.  Pero necesitamos compreder "por qué" murió por nosotros, y lo que significa la pasión para nosotros hoy día.  Afortunadamente, la lectura de la carta de San Pablo a los Filipenses nos da la respuesta.  Es preciso ser humilde y obediente como Jesus para entrar con él en el reino de Dios.

Apr 10, 2017

(Shortened homily because of the reading of the Passion from the Gospel of Matthew).  As awesome as the Passion account is, it doesn't help us to understand "why" Jesus endured the cross, or "what it means" for us today.  Thankfully, the reading from Paul's Letter to the Philippians (Phil 2:6-11) puts it all in context.  Like Jesus, we must become humble and obedient while in the flesh, so that we may rise with Him in the Resurrection.

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